Work at Hakuba MountainLife

Work at Hakuba MountainLife

We work in a customer-facing service industry with customers from all over the world. Therefore, all positions require intelligent, articulate, ethical, kind-hearted people without ego or attitude or unconstrained socio-political biases.

AST Instructor

See our detailed job ad

Please note: ideally you must have experience teaching Canadian AST courses. American and NZ recreational avalanche courses are not the same. However, if you have an excellent track record teaching NZ or US recreational courses, and already have permanent residency in Japan, and are adaptable to the AST program, please get in touch.

Practicum Tail Guides

Practicum means you wont get paid and are doing it for the experience to gain entry into the industry. Sometimes short-term random opportunities come up. If you want to go on the list of people I can contact, please send an email with "PRACTICUM TAIL GUIDE" in the subject line. If you do not use that subject line, it is unlikely you will end up on the list. In your email, please briefly detail your training and backcountry experience.

Minimum requirements:
+Avalanche Operations Level 1
+Wilderness first aid training

For those looking to get a start in the industry, please understand that Avalanche Operations Level 1 is an important first step, but that is not a guiding qualification (not even close), despite it frequently being listed as one by unqualified guides in Japan.

If an opportunity comes up, preference will be given to:

+People I have met and liked, including past customers
+Those with a historical commitment to Japan's backcountry
+People who are in Hakuba for the season

Tail Guide

Please understand that we won't reply to anyone who doesn't meet all three requirements. Keeping it as simple as possible:

1. CAA or NZ or JAN Avalanche Operations Level 1.
+Reason: so that we can work using the same observational standards and industry language during guides meetings and in the field. This is not a qualification to guide. Anyone can complete Level 1 training.

2. 80 Hour Wilderness First Aid certification within the last 3 years.
+Reason: I wont work with anyone who can't care for an injured customer in the wilderness. Anyone can complete this training.

3. Japanese citizen or a holder of Permanent Residency or Spousal Visa.
+Reason: we give priority to local people who are permanently and legally available to be developed and trained into future opportunities if appropriate. That's a big hint. Note: We will consider relaxing this requirement if you are also able to fill the videographer position.

:-) We will consider people eligible for a Working Holiday Visa. However you will not be a first preference.

Backcountry Videographer

The scope and terms of this opportunity are quite flexible.

+Examples of simple but good quality backcountry skiing and snowboarding video production. We are NOT after a pro. We are after a creative backcountry human with video capture and editing skill, passion and appropriate equipment.
+A primal sense of self-preservation acquired through many days of backcountry experience in powder and in avalanche terrain making informed avalanche decisions.
+AST1 or equivalent.
+Skier, or an expert level splitboarder able to ski all day in splitmode if the situation requires it.

+AST2 or equivalent
+Wilderness first aid training
+It would be great of you could also fill the advertised Tail Guide position simultaneously.

Extra bonus: what do you know about magazine publishing?